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Queensland’s Premier Office & Ergonomic Desk Chairs for Sale

The workplace can be a fast and exhausting environment at times. Rushing around consulting with team members, managing clients and finding free time in between to actually get your daily tasks done – the least staff members can expect is a comfortable, supportive chair to work in.

For over 50 years, NPS Commercial Furniture has been delivering this support to offices across Queensland. We carefully source a diverse range of office and ergonomic desk chairs that will meet both your style and functional requirements.

To learn more about our selection for sale, contact a member of staff at NPS Commercial Furniture today at 1300 889 194. We are always happy to help.  

A Diverse Selection of Ergonomic Desk Chairs for your Home or Office

Many years ago, office spaces around the world frequently sported the same bland, almost clinical layout that prompted little joy amongst their staff or visitors. Fortunately, contemporary workplaces have evolved to allow business to express their own flairs, design environments that suit their operations, and introduce features that promote better health and working habits.

Our comprehensive selection has everything you could ever need. A simple, but stylish inclusion to an expertly architectured space? Organic, ergonomic desk chairs ideal for a busy office environment? Perhaps even unique designs for your reception or waiting area? Mixing both local materials and international innovation, you can be sure NPS Commercial Furniture has everything you could ever need for sale.

Reach out for more information on items for sale

If you would like to learn more about our ergonomic desk chairs for your home or office, or any of the other items we have for sale, including height adjustable desks, please contact us today. You can do so by calling 1300 889 194, sending an email with your query to, or take a short moment to leave your information on our simple online enquiry form found on our contact page. We cater for those living in Garbutt, Townsville, Mackay, Mount Isa, and the greater North Queensland region.